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There are certain terms and conditions to enjoy the full-fledged services of Everybody must accept the terms and conditions like access to the website is determined by these. If you accept these terms and conditions, you will be liable to enjoy all the services otherwise access will be denied.

Intellectual Property retains all the copyright of original content and has the ownership rights of all the services. You agree that has the complete rights to operate and interpret this website.

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Third-party services and websites are embedded on our website. And you must have the knowledge that these third-party services are not functioned by Also, our website is not answerable for any action performed by these third-party services and websites. And you admit that you will not claim any damage to after using third-party services. Therefore, it is advisable that carefully read all the terms and conditions of third-party services.


You agree that can terminate and restrict the services and your access in the result of a violation of any term and condition. Limitation of services can also the outcome of warranty disclaimer, legal liability, and limitation of liability.


You acknowledge that the working principle of is “AS IS” and AS AVAILABLE”. To have this service is an absolute risk. Further, these services are without warranties and faulty. Also, licensor abandons any guarantee related to express, implied and including. And there is a high risk of third-party transgression owing to functional disorder.

Governing Law

You admit that the laws and conditions of are in accordance with the laws of the United States. Also, there is no clash with the laws and provision. Moreover, all the disputes between you and will be resolved under these laws.

If any law contradicts with the laws and federal act. So, that specific one is challenged and denounced by the court. And the rest will remain functional as they were. These terms and conditions decide our agreement with you therefore, can be modified as per the requirement.


We have the sole right to replace and modify these term and conditions periodically. Also, can change the pattern of the services. In case of revision material, we give 30 days of notice to introduce new features and services. And how these changes will make is our sole privilege.

To have interruptible services you are to agree with revised terms and conditions. If you disagree then services will not accessible for you.

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