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SSL Connection Error- What to do ? All possible solutions !

SSL Connection Error- What to do ? All possible solutions !

Nothing is more frustrating than the issue with any connection that may occur when you are least expecting it. These days our world revolves around the Internet and when that shows connectivity issues life kind of becomes static. However TSL like connection have indeed detected and blocked some technical troubles all of which were easy to sort out.

To stay away from SSL Connection Error make sure your Android device is always up to date because many individuals still don’t see the importance and effectiveness of updating one’s operating system. It has numerous perks especially the fact that with every new update numerous bug issues get fixed, also updating the software enhances device’s performance, battery life, provides compatibility with more and more apps that need latest Android systems and much more. Hence it is important that your device stays away from errors. In this post you will find all that you need to know on how to fix the SSL Connection Errors for the Google Chrome, Fire Fox and UC Web Browsers on your Android device.

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How to Fix SSL Connection Errors on Android?

  1. Debug Your Internet Connection :

If you are facing the SSL Connection Error then try connecting to another network, if it does operate on the new connection then you must reset all your settings and it will remove all the Internet activity including the saved Wi-Fi connection details with their passwords.

You can also try opening a different page.

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When you are getting connected to another network don’t forget trying the 3G connection. If this does the job for you then the problem is in your Wi-Fi router or the settings of Wi-Fi on your Android. However if the SSL Connection Error doesn’t get fixed with 3G as well then check if this issue is occurring on every page that you visit online. 

  • If the above mentioned fixes don’t work out, you must remove all the Wi-Fi Internet Settings on your Android phone and go to default. It is important to note that if the SSL Connection Error is occurring particularly after you have updated your device then you must rest your Network data in the Settings section.
  • Visit the section for Backup & Reset.
  • Click on “Network settings reset” button.
  • Hit the button for “Reset Settings”.
  • A notification box will appear where you must click “Reset Settings”.
  • Then simply Network Reset.

2. Correct the Date & Time :

Images to resolve ssl connection  error

If you have travelled to a new city or country, the hour in fact the day and date can instantly change. You must see that the time and date on your phone must be according to your current location. Also certain bugs in your device can toggle with your date and time as well.

  • To correct the Date & Time go to the system settings, and click on the option for “Date and Time.” Then make sure your disable the “Automatic date and time” option and go to the option for “Set Date” or “Set Time.”

3. Update Outdated Apps :

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Getting your installed apps updated can prove to be highly beneficial when it comes to enhancing your overall browsing quality. In order to get done with this, follow the steps below:  

  • Go to the Google Play Store on your phone and click the menu option at the top left side.
  • Then hit on the button for My Apps to access the list of all apps installed. The list will automatically tell you which of the apps need an update.
  • Make sure you see for the updates on the web browsers in particular.
  • Hit the Update button.
  • Remember to give permission to the messages in order to finish the updates.
  • Complete the update of all apps.

4. Clear Browsing History & Caches :

Another great feature that you can use to correct the SSL Connection Error is by removing your browser history. If you have visited all the browsers and you are still facing the issue, make sure you correct the SSL Connection Error by removing your history of the browser.


  • Go to the Chrome App.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Beneath the Advanced option, click on Privacy and remove all the browsing data.
  • Hit on the drop down menu beneath “Clear data from the.”
  • Select a time span such as past hour or last month but to delete all the history, choose beginning of time option.
  • You can also select the type of data you wish to complete.
  • Then hit Clear data.

Fire Fox

  • Visit the History panel from the Home Screen of the browser.
  • Then hit on Clear browsing history option at the bottom of the History section.
  • Then click OK to confirm the process.

5. Swap Network Connection :

If you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection that is public then the SSL Connection Error will be because of the security issues which will also block certain pages that have malware. If by correction of date and time, clearing browsing history and updating apps don’t fix the connection then try getting connected to a private internet access.

  • On the home screen of your phone go to the icon for “Apps”
  • Then go to “Settings.”
  • Click on the option for “Wi-Fi.”
  • Now you must click the option for “Smart network switch”.
  • Toggle it “Off” to disable it or in “On” position to enable it.

6. Restore your Android system :

ssl connection  error related image

If all the above mentioned fixes don’t correct the SSL Connection Error then try restoring your Android to the  “Fabric Mode.” This can be a invasive thing to do and must be your last resort. By doing this, all your Android contents will be deleted including the picture gallery, data and other documents.

  • In order to reset your Android device, click on the option for Settings.
  • Then hit the section for “General & Backup” and reset.
  • Click on the Factory data reset option
  • Then press Reset device option and click “Delete all”.

It is advised that you backup up all your files before you go for Factory Reset. After you are done with this your phone will be like as if it is brand new and you may need to configure it once again.  Restoring will fix all your bugs that have infected your Android phone. The following steps guide you on how to create a back up before the Factory Reset.

  • Click the button for Reset Device.
  • Then hit Backup and Reset.
  • Click Apps.
  • Go to the Settings and press the button for Factory data reset.
  • Hit Erase Everything.

Also it is important that you agree to the TSL certificate for authenticated information for the web page you will visit. This will encrypt all the online directed data online to save you from online scams and malware.


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