RPG Games

What makes video games fun

Here are some things that make video games fun: 1) Challenging yourself. Like playing a game without using a certain skill, something like playing a game blind(like that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time player who beat the game blind), or like overcoming a previous record. This is seen a lot in Super Mario […]

RPG Games

Types of RPG games

Here are different types of RPG games that I’ve encountered: 1) Turn-based encounter games. They are games like many Final Fantasy games with different features(FF 7, 9, 10, 13[I’ve played them all]). You are on some field and then you make an encounter and you are taken to a different screen where you must take […]

game development

Comparing and contrasting RPG Maker MV vs SRPG Studio

RPG Maker MV vs SRPG Studio: Both have: Similar interfaces A few similar resources JavaScript script support RPG Maker MV Pros: Has character generator Can create JRPGs (like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest) Has plugin support (not sure if SRPG Studio doesn’t have it) Has more resources it comes with You can customize the damage/healing/etc. […]