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How to create a new drive or partition your hard drive

A personal components like as software, picture, documents. Besides, when we buy a computer, it contains may be 2 or 3 drive (with 500GB/1TB Hard-disk). But we need minimum 5 to 6 drives (approximately). For those reasons, we have to make new partition/new volume. Now I am going to show you that how to make new partition/new volume .it’s easy & simple to do.

Let’s make it simple. Follow me-

N.B- Focus on highlighted color :-(Yellow) (Red)

  1. Type (windows key +R), it shows a box (RUN). Type – compmgmt.msc on this (RUN) box. after typing, hit enter. It shows a box like below of this content. Through this box, we can know about all of things (specifications) whatever we have to need.
  2. From the left side, we will chose -Disk management. It will show all of existing volume.
  3. Now, we will select this existing Drive where has vast amount of space (200GB or more). Selecting this existing drive, we can go to-shrink volume option. After selecting that option, it will show us another box. You need to put data on this box. Thus, we can create a new drive (new partition/new volume) .

Example- Supposed to, I have a laptop which have 2 drives (500GB) only. 1st one is C drive with 300GB space & 2nd one is D drive with 200GB. Now, I want to a create a new drive (new partition/new volume ). Since, C drive has vast amount of space, so I have to select C drive. After clicking on C drive, it shows shrink option. Now, I will make E drive with 100 GB volume space. I have put date on there & click on shrink. Thus, I have created a new drive (new partition/new volume ) .

no hype no lies- how to partition your hard drive or create a new drive

Need to attention –

  • NEED TO PUT DATA IN MB (mega-byte) mode. So, you can use GB (giga-byte) to MB (megabyte) converter.
  • You cannot back to existing volume after making new drive. So, be careful when you are going to make new drive.


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