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Get your Share of Hacked iOS Games with this guide !

Get your Share of Hacked iOS Games with this guide !

Once again if you are looking forward to installing and reaping off the perks of Hacked iOS Games and Apps, you have made the right decision of visiting our website. In this post we will talk in detail on the process of installation of Hacked iOS Games free of cost and without the need of jailbreaking. Furthermore you don’t even need a PC or a Mac device for this, all can be done within your phone.

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How to Install Hacked iOS Games and Apps on iOS 9/10/11 without jailbreak?

To be honest the process of Installing Hacked iOS Games and Apps doesn’t have much to it and is pretty easy to follow for anyone.

  1. See to it that your iDevice is using the Safari browser only and that you have a stable internet access on your iOS device.
  2. Click on this link from your Safari browse and you will be taken to a website in Chinese.
  3. Locate a coin containing some Chinese text towards the right of the page. Click this coin and you will be shown a list of Hacked iOS Games and Apps free for access.
  4. Choose the app that you wish to use and tap on the Orange Chinese button which will start the downloading process then.
  5. You can also manually look for Hacked iOS Games and Apps by entering the keywords in the search bar at the top.
  6. In the search results you will need to recognize the app from its logo.
  7. When you have located the paid app you wish to access, click the orange button again and a window pop-up asking requiring you to consent to the download. Simply hit Install and then click Home button.
  8. When the app is done downloading, you must open the app and you will see the message saying “Untrusted Enterprise Developer.” Click Dismiss.
  9. To fix this access the Settings section > General and find any of these sections:
    Device Management OR Profiles OR Profiles & Device Management.
  10. Click on the section you found and then choose the “In Sight Advertising” profile.
  11. Trust the Profile and visit the Home Screen.
  12. Go back and open the app again and this will work then.

You can download any Hacked iOS Game and App using this website without having to trust the profile developer again and again that too free of cost.

Hacked games and apps without jailbreak on iOS 11 (works on iOS 9 and 10 as well)

There is another method you can follow to install Hacked iOS Games and Apps in case the first one doesn’t give you results.

  1. For this access the section for Settings > Safari and make sure you delete all of the browser history and cache. This will not show you the “could not install” error.
  2. Now access this link from your Safari browser and you will be taken to the website of Tweak Box Hit the button which reads “Install Tweak Box” and Settings of your phone will open.
  3. Click Install and type your access code. If you don’t have the access code then the installation will proceed without the pass code verification.
  4. Visit the Home Screen and access “Tweak Box” app. The app contains all the renowned Hacked iOS Games and Apps.
  5. When you are done installing the game you want you must trust it’s Profile Developer. Visit the section for Settings > General > Profiles.

AppEven (Best app store for paid and hacked apps free)

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AppEven can also be used to Install Hacked iOS Games and Apps if you follow the method below.

  1. Access this link from the Safari browser on your device.
  2. Then press the button for Download beneath the page and a window will pop up. Click the button for Install there and visit back the Home Screen. You will see the app downloading then.
  3. When the app is done installing, trust the certificate of the developer so that you can use the app. For this go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.
  4. Open up Home Screen and then access the AppEven. You will be looking at Welcome Screen. Keep swiping right-to-leftand you will be taken to its App Store..
  5. A pop window will then appear asking you if you wish to enable the VPN. Tap the Allow button.
  6. You will see options for “Unlimited” and “Free” where all your desired apps will be categorized. Paid apps and games can be found under the “Free” section and the Hacked iOS Games under the section of “Unlimited”.
  7. Click the Get button in front of any app you wish to access and it will begin downloading.
  8. Hit Install and your app can be accessed in seconds. You can open up this app now and there would be no need to trust the developer certificate once again.

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