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Gameboy for iPhone- Turn your Phone into your Gaming Console!

Gameboy for iPhone- Turn your Phone into your Gaming Console!

Gameboy is something to which all 90’s kids can relate to because it was the sole source of instant and handy entertainment available in the decade so if you are indeed a 90’s kid and want to relive your childhood memories than simply get the Gameboy for iPhone, details of which are discussed in this post for your convenience.

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How to Get Gameboy for iPhone without jailbreak using the GBA4iOS Emulator?

Let’s move on to our tutorial on the installation of Gameboy for iPhone without needing to jailbreak the iDevice.

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  1. Get your iPhone in connection with sable internet access in your vicinity. The internet should be stable enough to support this process and shouldn’t shut down in the middle.
  2. Then visit this link from the Safari on your iDevice and click the button Install in green color.
  3. A window will pop-up requiring your consent to move ahead. Hit the button Install and then visit back the Home Screen.
  4. As the Gameboy emulator for iPhone is getting downloaded from the link, you need to quickly open up the section of Settings > General > Date & Time and set the date somewhere in 2014.  A super speedy internet may go against you here.
  5. Then again access your Home Screen and let the Gameboy for iPhone finish installing.
  6. When you see the icon for Gameboy for iPhone, you can set the date back to the present.
  7. Once again visit the Settings > General > Profile and make sure you trust the profile with the name “Beijing HL95 Info…” which would be in association with GBA4iOS.
  8. In the end, you can easily access the GBA4iOS Emulator and begin enjoying all the Gameboy games on your iPhone.

Update: Install GBA4iOS on iOS 10 without jailbreak No computer needed

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Many people have complained that the GBA4iOS on iOS 10 doesn’t work anymore so users as clever as we are; we have compiled another method for you that you can use to Install Gameboy for iPhone. In this method even if Apple revokes the app it will come back in a few days. Simply read and obey the instructions below to get your Gameboy for iPhone.

  1. Open this link through your Safari web browser.
  2. Clicking this link will take you to the installation page of the GBA4iOS. Simply hit the blue button given on the screen and wait for a window to get shown on your screen.
  3. When the pop shows on your screen, hit the Install button and access back the Home Screen, Allow the installation to finish.
  4. When you have installed the Gameboy for iPhone, visit the section of Settings > General and find the option for “Profiles” or “Device Management” or “Profiles & Device management”. Choose any of the options according to what is available.
  5. Under any of these sections, you will locate a developer profile which needs to be trusted. Simply click on the developer name and hit the button which says Trust.
  6. Then visit the Home Screen and access the app for GBA4iOS and start playing all the games of Gameboy on your iPhone.

May 2017 Updated GBA4iOS Version :

If the above two described methods for GBA4iOS Installation to get Gameboy for iPhone don’t give you results then there is another way which neither requires a jailbroken device nor a PC. The credit for this procedure goes to the Unlimapps.

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  1. First things first. Delete any version of GBA4IOS that you have previously downloaded on your iDevice. In case you don’t have any GBA4IOS version downloaded, go to the following step.
  2. Open up the section for Settings and then go to Safari and remove the history and cache from here. This step isn’t compulsory but it is wise to do it.
  3. Hit this link and a pop up will appear asking for your permission to move ahead with the installation of GBA4IOS on your iPhone. Click the button which says Install.
  4. You must give the installation process some time to finish and once done you will be looking at an icon for GBA4IOS on the Home Screen.
  5. In the end, visit the section for Settings > General > Profiles and place your trust in the Developer Profile which is in association with the GBA4iOS.
  6. Then access the Gameboy Emulator and begin enjoying all your loved Gameboy Games within the ease of your iPhone.

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