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Best VPS Hosting for SEO

Linux one of the best operating system for server side applications. If you learn about Linux, so don’t think that you wasted your time. Most of the VPS runs on linux server (as I know). For website SEO VPS hosting is too good.
But there are also windows server where you can run your SEO tools. By the way, there are already installed few SEO tools with licensed in the windows server. If you choose a good VPS Hosting company then you will get those licensed tools. So that through those VPS Hosting tools you can boost your website.When you are taking a hosting server you will be asked ‘Do you wanna take shared hosting or VPS hosting’.

Shared hosting is the most cheapest of all. But it is little bit insecure. Because your data is sharing from a specific server. So in case, if there is a DDOS Attack then your website will be down. And this Shared hosting is slower then VPS hosting.
VPS hosting is little bit costly. But it is secure. You are not sharing your data with another servers. It is too fast. Because you have the dedicated server for your website. And it is also good for website SEO.

Best VPS Hosting Providers

Host Gator VPS Hosting

There are 9+ million domains which are hosted by HostGator VPS Hosting. It is one of the most popular web hosting in this market place. With one-click WordPress installation, 99.9% up time guarantee, and 24/7 support, it’s a smart choice for all website owner. You can also install in the VPS hosting seo tools.

Which will be very helpful for you to make your website ranking in the google first page. With HostGator VPS, you get the maximum features with a good price.  It is good VPS hosting for seo.

InMotion Hosting

It is best for Shared and VPS hosting. It is literally little bit cheap. It also have it’s own website builder.

If you wanna take this then you can make your own website with drag and drop.  This is also good VPS hosting for seo.

Blue Host

Most of the wordpress users love this BlueHost hosting provider. Because it’s environment is too friendly with the wordpress.

It has all the tools you need. This is also good VPS hosting for seo.

A2 Hosting

As I told you in the first paragraph, most of the VPS hosting works off a Linux Server and there are also windows server.

This A2 Hosting provider provides both of them based on customer requirement.


If you need the domain, website and hosting – then you are the right place. It provides everything whatever you need. It also has the website builder. You may also use it for your SEO. This VPS is also good for SEO.

There are 4 factors which affect on SEO. 

  1. Speed
  2. Security
  3. Up-time 
  4. Support

Now let’s think all those VPS Hosting which provides those things perfectly. As I know not everything is perfect. Let’s make it perfect. If you choose one of the hosting provider for you SEO then check those points and then purchase. 
In this market place, it too tough to find out which are best VPS hosting for SEO. I tried my best to give you the best.


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